The County Officer had scheduled a series of three meetings to take place in March 2019 for the purpose of creating a coherent point of communication between the 215 parish, town and community councils as we move towards the new Unitary Authority.  Owing to the unprecedented demand we have added further dates and would urge those who have booked extra places, to release them if they decide they no longer need them.  Members may attend any of the meetings, they are not district specific.

We are hopeful that the Structural Change Order will have been issued by the MCHLG in time so that we will have a greater understanding of who, when and how the transition will take place.  Whilst we are still seeking to finalise the agenda and format, you might like to put the following dates in your diaries,

It would be very helpful if you could go on line by following the links above to reserve your place.  Future meetings will be arranged as more details emerge from the Transitional Authority when appointed.