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The internal audit provides an independent assessment of the council’s internal systems and operations and helps to ensure accountability, transparency, and good governance. The internal audit is carried out by an internal auditor appointed by the council and should be carried out at least annually, the scope and extent will largely depend on the size of the council.

All councils are recommended to consider the key competencies and requirements of the internal auditor which are referenced in the JPAG Practitioners’ Guide.

BMKALC is not responsible for the work undertaken by each individual internal auditor.


BMKALC will try to keep this register of internal auditors up to date and ask internal auditors to inform them of any changes in their availability or capacity to undertake work. It is not BMKALC’s responsibility to validate suitability, it is for the Council as employer to undertake all the necessary checks.
Reference Number: 3
Postcode: MK17
Travel Distance: 25 miles - a remote audit option is also available
Reference Number: 6
Postcode: LU7
Travel Distance: 30 miles - a remote audit option is also available
Reference Number: 7
Postcode: MK
Travel Distance: 100 miles - a remote audit option is also available


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