If your council would like to take up this offer please register, the scheme will commence from June 1st 2023 and we will invoice your council directly the current rate of of £8.10 (including VAT) per employee per annum.

Register here: EAP (Employment Assistance Programme) Registration Form For Members – BMKALC (

Please note this scheme is operated in complete confidentiality we do not require the names of individuals, only the number of members and employees your council wishes to register to the BMKALC EAP Programme.

We feel certain that this will provide important support to our councils, after all well supported members and officers contribute hugely to well run and effective councils! Please see the details of the service on offer below.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

The Service

  • A totally confidential 24 hour/365 day phoneline for employees and their immediate family living at the same address.
  • Up to 6 counselling/support sessions are available for employees (not immediate family).
  • A confidential 24 hour/365 day phone line for managers who want guidance on how to support their employees.
  • A great website with resources, information and webchat functionality
  • A pro-active app providing resources to help you with your specific health and well-being needs.

Support covering the following topics:

  • Financial concerns, budgeting or debt issues
  • Workplace issues
  • Anxiety, stress or depression
  • Physical and mental health concerns
  • Emotional, relationships or family issues
  • Bereavement support
  • Legal issues – disputes with neighbors, retailers, energy suppliers etc.


No matter what time of day or night, when life gets challenging, or you just simply need advice TP Health t/a Optima is there for you

Your calls will be answered by experienced, professional, and non-judgmental advisors that will provide you with peace of mind. The service is confidential, so you can have confidence that your conversations will remain between you and your advisor.

Workplace Wellbeing Website

The workplace wellbeing platform provides access to information about EAP services plus self-help content. It includes engaging materials covering Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Life and Healthy Work - including videos, podcasts, articles and guides.  There are two sub-sections within the platform, one for managers and the other for employees.

  • The Managers section includes access to resources to support line managers in their role, including a well-being calendar, learning opportunities such as well-being workshops and information on specific health conditions.
  • The Employees section includes access to resources including videos, podcasts, articles and guides and fast access to contracted services such as Optimise and the Employee Assistance Programme.


The Optimise platform is a health and wellbeing app available to all employees. You will need to register when you first access the app and will be required to answer a series of lifestyle questions to create a Quealth score. The Quealth score will produce specific recommendations based on your answers.

  • Healthy Days - see how positive lifestyle changes translate into life free of illness and disease or additional “healthy days”.
  • Wellbeing Resources - packed with articles, videos and podcasts, divided into eight broad lifestyle categories.  Partnered with the Money Advice Service to bring you all their great tools, calculators and resources.
  • Wearable Integration - integrates with leading fitness trackers and wearables to track and monitor your lifestyle data.
  • Rewards & Recognition - smart onboarding, pulse surveys, status levels, badges, streaks, goals and more.
  • Assessment Centre - a collection of mental, physical and financial health checks headlined by awarded-winning Quealth Score and the Big Five assessments.
  • Personalised Dashboard - packed with suggestions and prompts, it provides direct links to all platform features.
Optima Pay As You Use Member Service to assist with Occupational Health support


This is a ‘pay as use’ service with no annual charge, no joining, on-boarding or exit charges. You do not need to be part of our Employee Assistance Programme which is now available for both employees and councillors.  Indicative prices for services are below

Service charges:

  • £190 for Occupational Health Adviser referral
  • £375 Occupational Health Practitioner/Physician referral
  • £43.50 for a pre-employment health check

If you would like to use this service, please go to