PD Solutions
Personnel Advice & Solutions

Offer over twenty years’ experience of providing HR and Employment Law to advice to Town and Parish Councils

  • Free general Personnel / HR advice and support to help advise our member councils
  • Telephone / email advice to address Personnel and Employment Law issues
  • Bi-annual Zoom seminars to help our members find out more about their legal obligations and how to put procedures into practice.
  • PD Solutions comply fully with the Standards of Professional Conduct as stipulated by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.
  • Services to the Association are fully indemnified with Professional Indemnity cover.

Please note that work which is more involved than just general advice, and is specific to a Council’s particular needs may have to be contracted directly to that Council, at a cost to the Council.

PD Solutions will also have to agree a Data Processor Agreement with any Council who wish to work directly with them before they can access sensitive Employee data.

Please email Balc@bucks.gov.uk if you would like to request members general guidance.

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