Climate Change - Practical Local Actions

This topic has never been more relevant; particularly as local councils are being urged to help adapt and mitigate the effects of our changing climate and growing Biodiversity Crisis.

As a town or parish council, it can be a daunting process knowing where to start in addressing the threat of climate change or biodiversity loss – or simply how to act meaningfully. Nevertheless, it is at a community level in the UK where councils and organisations are making the greatest difference and helping to implement positive action.

No matter what scale your council operates at, there are always pragmatic and beneficial opportunities available to help address this growing issue. This presentation identifies the practical changes and steps councils can realistically implement; to operate more sustainably and act as a genuine catalyst for adaption within your community.

Mike Deegan has over 20 years experience working in nature conservation and a decade as a councillor with his local parish council, where he developed award-winning biodiversity and community projects.

Since 2019, Mike has been supporting local councils and charities as a consultant with a range of services; including biodiversity projects and mitigating impacts of climate change. His expertise in working with such organisations means he fully understands how Town and Parish Councils operate – and the range of practical opportunities available to conserve and create local habitats for wildlife.

Neil Homeroneill homerBucks and MK are one of the main hotspots for neighbourhood planning in England with over 60 plans made or underway or under review. All have aimed to tackle green issues in their policies and proposals in one way or another, with varying degrees of success.

In Neil’s experience, local communities are becoming more interested in these issues and are wanting their neighbourhood plans to make a difference. What was an exception in policy making five years ago is now front and centre. New national policy initiations – the Environment Act 2021 especially – will only encourage this further.

Neil will share a range of examples of these policies and explain their evidence and intention. They include green infrastructure network mapping, site allocations, designating biodiversity net gain sites and incentivising zero carbon building standards.

Breakthrough CommunicationsIt’s never been more important for local councils to effectively communicate and engage with local communities. Pro-active and sustainable community engagement is the key to council communications success. In this session Breakthrough Communications explores how to communicate your council’s vision, priorities and services to the communities you serve, within the resource constraints of your council.

A brief exploration of responsible investment and our community impact.

CCLA’s purpose is to help investors maximise their impact on society by harnessing the power of investment markets. They have been investing responsibly and ethically for more than 50 years. They don’t claim to have the answers to many societal challenges. Still, they do have specific skills and an interest in social and economic justice, which they think makes us unique in the investment industry. They are very interested in talking to delegates about what more ‘good’ they could do together for a better world.

CCLA Investment Management Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Find out more about CCLA

Does your council take its Climate responsibility seriously? Hear how Blachere Illumination can help you reach your goals as the only provider of Eco Responsible lighting.

Blachere Illumination are global leaders in the provision of Eco Responsible Festive lighting. We now have 2 Eco Ranges BIOPRINT and also our ground breaking RECYPRINT where we recycle plastic bottles into beautiful decorations. Our patented exclusive innovations have also been recognised by WWF who have asked us to become one of their commercial partners to recognise our achievements in this field.

Chris Bridgeman of Bridgman and Bridgman will guide 

  • History, types and benefits of Green Roofs 
  • Green Roofing in practice for new buildings and retrofitting existing rooftops. 
  • Milton Keynes Green Roof Project 

Dusty a consultant working in London, UK and Europe. He is the current President of the European Federation of Green Roof Associations (EFB) and founder of, and a board member of GRO – the UK green roof trade body. Though he has a particular interest in biodiversity and urban nature, his work in the built environment also focuses on climate resilience and the promotion of greener cities through multi[1]functional green infrastructure. 

In 2021 he was appointed Industry Expert-in-Residence at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL continuing through early 2022 on a specific project focussed on carbon neutral green roofs. He is co-founder of Gentian Ltd which aims to map, monitor the quality of urban green infrastructure for biodiversity and climate resilience. 

A recognised designer, technical and policy advisor on green roofs and urban green infrastructure (GI), he has worked on GI Projects in the UK for the last 25 years and recently worked on the Greening Riyadh project. He is currently working on a number of design projects to deliver wetland green roofs and is part of the team working on Blue roof guidance for CIRIA. One of the founders of WorldGreenRoofDay, he acts as the public face of the event. He also co-wrote the online small-scale green roof guide, with John Little He is also a published author and has been instrumental in writing strategic reports on green roofs and green infrastructure, the most recent of which is the new London green roof report.

Dusty has also been a TV presenter and is a recognised speaker at conferences and events around the world.

Dear Delegates, Speakers, Sponsors and Guests, 

Thank you for generous support, contributions and company at our 2022 Conference.  The initial feedback from our delegates, sponsors, exhibitors and speakers is positive.  I think we can all agree that the halls of The Oculus and Market place and the breakout spaces were buzzing with positive energy and ideas. 

I hope that regardless of why you chose to spend your precious day with us, you left carrying some of that positive energy with you, together with new contacts, future allies and lots of new ideas.  The recording of the day along with the slide packs will be available here on our website shortly, so that you can revisit your favourite moments!

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