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This week has seen the return of councillors and clerks to usual business after the summer break and I am sure you are all looking forward to or have just had your first meetings, in September.  I do hope you have all been able to enjoy the late summer weather we are experiencing at the moment. 

A message from Mel Woof

Mel would like to thank you for your kind messages of condolence for the unexpected loss of her husband, Ian.  A memorial service will take place on Friday 15th September – 15:00 at Bierton Crematorium, Cane End Lane, Bierton, Aylesbury HP22 5BH.  Mel remains on compassionate leave this week.

BMKALC Code of Conduct Civility and Respect Seminar

Last week saw us delivering a seminar on the hot topic of Code of Conduct Civility and Respect with speakers from Hoey Ainscough Associates, both Buckinghamshire Council and Milton Keynes City Council Monitoring Officers, Breakthrough Communications, Cllr Jon Harvey of Buckingham Town Council, and our own Mel Woof.  Many thanks to all those who spoke, stayed for the day, and took the time to respond to attendee’s questions on what was the hottest day of the year so far. We received very positive feedback on the day and although many councils across the county have taken the pledge, the uptake is disappointingly low for Buckinghamshire. Details as to how your council can take the pledge are available on the NALC website. 

Devolved Services Update

Last week I was invited to attend a meeting regarding Bucks Devolved Services.  The department has taken on board comments made previously by service providers, if your council undertakes these services you will be receiving an email this week giving further information as to the next steps in the process of renewal of contracts and the uplift in funds that will be provided.  You will be pleased to know that the mapping system for verges has been updated and this will assist in determining responsibility for their upkeep.

Zoe Ford, Highways Devolution Officer, Buckinghamshire Highways is now in post and will be the point of contact for all town, parish, and community councils for devolved services.  devolution@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

MKCC Parish Forum

A reminder that the Parish Forum will take place on Thursday 14th September, online, at 18:00.  MKCC have sent out the link to all their councils – clerks and councillors are welcome to attend. 

Remembrance Sunday

RBL branches support councils in their planning of local Remembrance services and parade routes.  They are unable to take on responsibility for the design or delivery of parade routes, including the organisation of Temporary Traffic Management Orders (TTMOs), the contracting of traffic management services, or the provision of such services by volunteers.

MKCC have released a briefing note for town, community, and parish councils to explain the processes to follow for Remembrance Sunday Parades in order to be insured on MKCC public liability insurance.

Emails – cc or bcc

I would like to remind you that when sending emails using cc and bcc do take care.  Failure to use BCC correctly in emails is one of the top data breaches reported to the ICO every year – and these breaches can cause real harm, especially where sensitive personal information is involved.  For non-sensitive communications, organisations that choose to use BCC should do so carefully to ensure personal email addresses are not shared inappropriately with other customers, clients, or other organisations.

Helen, Mel, and Lorraine

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