Who are Bucks ALC?

The County Association is based at the County Offices in Aylesbury.  The team is led by Mel Woof together with Helen Hogan, the Deputy and Lorraine Morton who manages our office and communications.  They are experienced in Town and Parish matters serving currently, or historically, as clerks, councillors and chairing of councils.  As a not for profit organisation, we provide daily support on procedural elements and statutory regulations. We are also the official training provider for councillors and clerks. Further services include the facilitation of communications across County, District and Local councils plus arbitration at meetings and bespoke on site training.

As a membership association we are unable to deal with queries from the public, but we are happy to make general information available through this website.

BMKALC would like to acknowledge local photographers and organisations who have kindly allowed us to use their artwork. Contact us for any information.

The Executive Board

The Role

The BMKALC Executive Board represent it’s member councils. Elected through nomination, the Board meets four times a year with the AGM in November.  The Board manages, controls and administers the finances, policies and actions of the County Association Office.


Countess Elizabeth Howe 

Vice Presidents

Mr Michael Foote
Mr Patrick Martin
Ms Jenny Hunt

Board Members

Executive Committee

Chairman – Cllr Sue Smith, Woughton Community Council 
Vice-Chairman – Cllr Des Bray, Chalfont St Giles Parish Council

Cll Phil Ayles, Castlethorpe Parish Council
Cllr John Carey, SBALC
Cllr David Brackin, Fulmer Parish Council
Cllr Jon Harvey, Buckingham Town Council 
Cllr Andy Cobden, Wooburn & Bourne End Parish Council
Cllr Isobel Darby, Chalfont St Peter Parish Council
Cllr John Gilbey, Great Horwood Parish Council
Cllr Paul Harvey, West Bletchley Council
Cllr Marilyn Heath, Denham Parish Council
Cllr Simon Keary, Hughenden Parish Council

Cllr Rachel Webb, LLACC
Cllr John Riches, Middle Claydon Parish Council
Cllr Sandy Saunders, Beaconsfield Town Council
Cllr Caroline Jones, Amersham Town Council
Cllr Roy Van De Poll, AVALC
Cllr Mandy Taylor, MKALC