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We are pleased to partner with Breakthrough Communications, who provide local councils with advice, support and guidance relating to council communications and community engagement, as well as for council data protection and Freedom of Information. Their experienced team is ready to help your council communicate effectively and compliantly with your community. Learn more about how Breakthrough Communications can help your council by visiting their website or calling the team on 01903 299 000.

Communications, community engagement and data protection services for parish and town councils

Breakthrough Communications' community engagement services include creating communication and community engagement strategies, creating and managing neighbourhood plans and community surveys, and providing social media support and advice. They support councils with crisis communications situations. Breakthrough Communications data protection services include carrying out council-wide data map audits, data protection impact assessments, and creating and refreshing data protection policies and procedures.

Council Hive service for parish and town councils

Council Hive is a subscription service that empowers parish and town councils to communicate effectively and compliantly with their communities. Council Hive takes the stress out of local council communications and compliance, saving clerks and council officers time, effort and money. Council Hive provides Clerks and council officers access to expert communication and compliance advice, templates, resource packs, and masterclasses – all in one place. Discover more at

Free call for BMKALC member councils

If a BMKALC-member council requires support in GDPR, FOI or communications matters, Breakthrough Communications will offer a free, 30 minute initial support call. To book, call our team on 01903 299000 or fill in the member support request form below.


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