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Breakthrough Communications have set up two new subscription based Community Hubs (see details below) and BMKALC members will be provided with permanently discounted access to the hubs.

Our Members also benefit from discounted access to Breakthrough Communications ‘Communications Strategy’ workshops’

Compliant Councils Hub – Breakthrough Communications data protection and compliance service for parish and town councils, which provides on-demand access to GDPR, SAR and FOI bitesize training and walkthrough guides, monthly E-Bulletins, as well as access to our data protection experts. Keeping on top of data protection and compliance can be a huge challenge for parish and town councils of all shapes and sizes. Clerks and officers already have a great deal on their plate and their resources are often stretched to the limit, the ground-breaking Compliant Councils Hub, helps take the stress out of data protection and compliance.

Council Connect Hub – Breakthrough Communications on-demand communications training, guidance and masterclass service for parish and town councils, giving access to their library of on-demand bitesize training, walkthrough guides and masterclasses, as well as monthly bulletins, tips and tricks covering all aspects of council communications

For further details on both hubs click on the link below and go to Services on the Breakthrough Website:

We are happy to discuss these hubs with you and we hope that you will sign up and gain the benefit of expert advice and help.

Breakthrough Communications are NALC’s National Partners for advice, guidance and services for council communications.

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