County Officers Weekly Review

Dear Clerks and Colleagues

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Happy Friday, from a gloriously toasty BMKALC satellite office in Slapton!

We have had such a run of fabulous news these past weeks, that I was concerned that today’s update might be a little dull.  Fortunately the planning team at Milton Keynes Council have saved the day by being awarded the prestigious ‘planning permission of the year’ prize at the Planning Awards for the redevelopment of the Agora in Wolverton.  Well done!

Sadly though we have to revert to everyday matters and that means preparation now for the Bucks Parish Liaison on the 20th July and then also the Bucks Clerks Forums which will be held between the 11th and 18th of July.  To prevent these becoming a series of presentations, it’s important to receive your suggestions for topics to be covered.  Please let me have these asap and by at least the week before.  Whilst you are always welcome to raise issues at the meeting, we can’t always guarantee that we can provide the answer on the day, so letting us know early really helps.

July 4th we have Paul Hoey presenting Code of Conduct training.  Incredibly knowledgeable, Paul’s training courses are always very well attended and the feedback is always excellent.  Don’t forget to check our website, we constantly update our courses and we do now have an enormous variety to choose from.

Following the recent experience of one of our smaller councils, should you be faced with a huge increase in your insurance premium, shop around!  The increase went from around 300% to a more reasonable 3%.  I have raised the question of an insurer of last resort with NALC.

Well there we are, short and sweet.  Have a glorious evening in the warmth and plan all this indoor tasks for when the rain arrives.  We look forward to speaking with you next week.

Kind regards

Mel, Helen and Lorraine

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