EAP (Employment Assistance Programme) Registration Form For Members

The Service Is provided by TP Health t/a Optima.

BMKALC has accessed this service through Optima’s established Academies, Foundation & Voluntary Aided Schools offering.

The service provides:

  • A totally confidential 24 hour/365 day phoneline for employees and their immediate family living at the same address
  • Up to 6 counselling/support sessions are available for employees (not immediate family)
  • A confidential 24 hour/365 day phone line for managers who want guidance on how to support their employees
  • A great website with resources, information and webchat functionality
  • A pro-active app providing resources to help you with your specific health and well-being needs

Support covering the following topics:

  • Financial concerns, budgeting or debt issues
  • Workplace issues
  • Anxiety, stress or depression
  • Physical and mental health concerns
  • Emotional, relationships or family issues
  • Bereavement support
  • Legal issues – disputes with neighbors, retailers, energy suppliers etc.

EAP (Employment Assistance Programme) Registration Form


BMKALC will be named as the customer with Optima, the provider. Member employees when using the service will identify themselves as BMKALC members. This ensures the confidentiality of the employee as they will not be identifying their employer. We will collate the details of the participating councils and number of employees to be covered, no personal names will be taken. This information will be forwarded to Optima and used by BMKALC for invoicing purposes. BMKALC will share posters/contact details etc with subscribing Councils to enable you to start using the service.