Build and Share your Agenda in Microsoft 365 – January 25th at 2pm

Decisions with Cloudy IT 

Learn how to Build and Share your Agenda in Microsoft 365. With Decisions from CloudyIT the process to build and distribute your agenda is streamlined

  • Decisions seamlessly integrate into Microsoft 365, so you do not need to invest in a 3rd party cloud or added software.
  • Combine the agenda and any attachments into a single PDF document that can be shared with meeting participants.
  • Use Decisions to create a streamlined process for planning and running your meetings.
  • Create structured, collaborative agendas in Teams or Outlook. Those invited to the meeting can add files, suggest agenda items, and ask questions of the organiser.
  • Save meeting templates to speed up agenda creation for future meetings.
  • Create standing agendas for recurring meetings, be they monthly council meeting to you quarterly financial committee review.
  • Global search simplifies finding information quickly in meeting agendas, agenda items, attached files and meeting minutes.



Jan 25 2023


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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