Cyber Security Awareness

This session will deliver all the up to date knowledge your council needs to ensure the safety of your IT systems and the information you collect.

Why do we need to be Cyber Aware?

  • The threat of ransomware explained
  • The legal obligation to report Data Breaches and other cyber incidents
  • The accountability of public bodies
  • The cost of recovering from a cyber attack
  • How 85% of computer viruses get into your systems
  • Reporting to the police
  • Why cyber-crime is now a policing priority
  • Why home-working increases cyber risk
  • Why you need more than cyber insurance


How can we protect our organisation?

  • How your staff can be the front line of defence
  • Password Hygiene and Password Managers explained
  • How to choose an antivirus package and Office365
  • What is Second Factor Authentication?
  • Why its critical to protect your email accounts
  • How to comply with security requirements of GDPR
  • What are PUPs and how to spot them
  • How to spot bogus Emails and Text Messages
  • What Cyber Essentials can offer you


About the Presenter

A former Director of Operations for a global customer service organisation of over 5,000 people, Peter Elliot led a team providing key service reports and metrics to the executive team, managed global product recall and correction programs and successfully re-engineered many customer service processes. He has also built and managed data centres, created customer feedback programs and managed annual technology budgets in excess of $12m. He is a patent holder in the field of Natural Language Processing awarded while leading a team which developed an application for computers to comprehend human generated text.​

Peter is an accredited Cyber Essentials assessor and, as Cloudy IT’s independent cyber security consultant, is focused on helping organisations  become cyber secure to protect their valuable information with GDPR compliance and good cyber hygiene, and become Cyber Essentials certified.

Members Cost:  £38 per ticket

Non-members Cost: £60 per ticket


Apr 07 2021


11:00 am - 1:00 pm
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