Knowledge Bites – Domain Names Explained – February 21st at 1pm – Online – Members Only

Domain Names Explained:

The difference between and all the others

In this lunchtime learning session, Mark Tomkins, Parish & Town Council website and publishing expert and Founder of Aubergine, will explain the difference between a website and email domain name that is on and all the other domain suffix, such as .org, and .com

In these times of heightened cyber threat and fraud, making sure your council’s online message comes across as authentic and trusted, both in the website websites and emails, is critical and which domain name your council operates from is the first stage to improve both authenticity of message and increased security.

Mark will explain what each domain name type means, what the pros and cons are of each and what you should consider for your council.

The session will be highly practical, presented using plain English and non-technical terms.

Duration:  45 minutes including Q & A

Location: Online, the joining invitation will be issued nearer to the time of the event

Members Only Event: £10 per person



Feb 21 2024


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


on line pre booked calls


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