We are embarking on a week that involves local elections for many and Coronation celebrations for us all.

Bunting and flags are beginning to appear across the country and this is a brief message from NACO to all its members to wish you well through this busy time.

If you have a moment, it’s not too late to use social media to highlight the celebrations.  Posts can be short and to the point.  If your civic head is attending public events you might want to mention it in your post.

There are two key messages:

The Big Lunch

It’s not too late to be part of the celebrations.  The Big Lunch website has suggestions for a Last-Minute Big Lunch and some recipe ideas for those who enjoy cooking.  To find out more, visit The Big Lunch 2023 | Eden Project Communities

The Big Help Out

To mark His Majesty The King’s Coronation thousand of organisations across the country are getting together to give us all the chance to help out in our own local communities.  The Big Help Out website will help you identify what sort of volunteering might suit you.  There are taster sessions taking place across the country on Monday 8th May.  To find out more, visit


If your civic head is asking for speech ideas, then the following notes might help.

The key points to have in mind are that the focus for speeches over the Coronation weekend is squarely on His Majesty King Charles and Her Majesty Queen Camilla.    The emphasis is on celebrating and looking forward.  The Accession last September was inevitably a time of great sadness, but the Coronation is an opportunity to look forward.

  • The Prince who has served our nation and the Commonwealth with diligence and foresight since his investiture as Prince of Wales in 1969 is now crowned as our King.  For over 50 years he has devoted his energies tirelessly to the common good of the people of these islands and beyond.  We can be certain that this will be a hallmark of his time as our King, supported and strengthened by his wife, Queen Camilla.
  • This is a time for celebrations, for parties and for Big Lunches.  It is also a time to come together in our communities.
  • Times have been hard in recent years and continue to be hard for many.  This weekend’s Big Help Out reminds us that when individuals work together voluntarily in the service of their communities they can do so much to support one another.  The time, the skills and the devotion which volunteers put in, is a strong demonstration of the value and the strength of community.
  • One great strength of our Monarchy is the sense of continuity it brings to our nation.  In 1953, on the day of the Coronation of Her late Majesty, it was wet and cold.  Today the weather is following that precedent OR Today the weather has fortunately chosen to depart from that precedent.   But whatever the weather, today is a day of great celebration as we mark formally the start of our new King’s reign.  We send our loyal greetings and warmest congratulations to His Majesty King Charles and Her Majesty Queen Camilla on this, their Coronation weekend.
  • Three cheers are appropriate!

Jim Babbington

Vice Chair, NACO

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