NALC – Covid-19 Risk Assessments

Members,  take a look in the Reference Library under Contemporary Downloadst for latest guidance issued by NALC.

During the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government’s guidance and
rules were highly prescriptive and clear. As the situation has developed we are
moving into a new phase where increasing emphasis is being placed on making
individual or organisational decisions based on available information. From a local
council perspective the decision to re-open certain facilities, or to return to office
working will need to be made based on you specific, local situation. A key part of
that decision making process will need to be how you assess and manage risk.
This guide, produced by NALC and BHIB Insurance Brokers, will signpost you to
guidance and information to help you make your own risk assessments.
Acknowledgement is also given to Cornwall Association of Local Councils for
materials that supported the creation of this guidance.

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