National Moment of Reflection

This information has been received from Jim Babbington, Vice-Chair of NACO :

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities has invited local Councils to organise and encourage others to organise local ceremonies marking the National Moment of Reflection which will take place at 20.00 on Sunday evening, the eve of Her late Majesty’s funeral. 

Organising these gatherings is entirely optional and everyone is free to devise their own form of wording to suit their own local needs.  However, the attached document will be going out to NACO members later today and it gives just one possible format.  If your member-Councils do want to stage events and are thinking about the form those events might take, the attached document might just help.   

All Councils should feel free to publish it as widely as they wish; not as the definitive order of ceremonial, but as a suggested approach for people who wish to organise their own gatherings, whether in their own street, outside their block of flats, in a park, or on their village green.

Thank you to our neighbouring CALC in Hertfordshire for sending this information on to us.

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