Open Spaces Society’s call to local councils to grant a green

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Do you own a green space which you would like to see protected and enjoyed by local people forever? If so, the Open Spaces Society recommends that you consider voluntarily registering it as a town or village green.  You can do this, under section 15(8) of the Commons Act 2006, with your county or unitary council which makes no charge for the application.  Once registered as a green, local people will enjoy the right to recreation there, and the space is protected forever from development—what a gift to your community!

It is more important now than ever to secure our green spaces.  The restrictions on movement have meant that people have discovered how essential their local open spaces are to good health and sanity.  But here is the irony: green spaces are under threat from the government’s destruction of the planning system, as outlined in the white paper of autumn last year and subsequent ‘consultations’.  The society is deeply concerned that just when we need them most green spaces are at growing risk of development.

So please do consider whether, if you are fortunate enough to own a green space, you can register it as a green.  In the last year we have celebrated such registrations at Scorton in North Yorkshire and the society’s hometown of Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire, where the local councils have acted in the interests of their residents.

We explain on our website how this is done, with a how-to-do it guide to take you through the process.  And the society’s case officers are on hand to give you further assistance if you need it.

 With your help, we really can make a difference.

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