Ukrainian Humanitarian Crisis how you can help

• Donate money to a registered charity or local initiative. The Disasters Emergency Committee, a coalition of 15 leading charities, is providing emergency aid; the government has pledged £20 million to match donations. Unicef’s crisis appeal for the children of Ukraine and Save the Children are pledging to provide families with water, shelter and food. The British Red Cross and the International Rescue Committee want to raise money for those still in the country as well as those leaving.

• Many Ukrainian charities are still operating but the simplest way to donate is via the fundraiser organised by the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, which aims to raise £2 million. £70 will pay for a food and hygiene pack for a family of four for a month.

• The defence secretary Ben Wallace said donating money via the Ukrainian embassy was an option, with a special fund for medical and military supplies.

The government and charity commission have urged anyone looking to donate to a smaller charity to “give safely” by checking the status of any charity on and reminded those in charge of large privately raised pots of their responsibilities.

• You can donate items, but first check what is needed. Often this is bandages, baby formula, nappies, torches, clothes, dried food, bedding and first-aid equipment. Many Ukrainian clubs are organising transport for goods to be delivered to a bordering country.

• There are a host of crowdfunders popping up too; the best advice is to contact your local Ukrainian club or check the local Facebook group.

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