Want to be crowned Council of the Year?

Message from NALC

Attention all local (parish and town) councils! Are you ready to stand out and raise the bar for your sector? NALC’s Council of the Year award calls for outstanding work in service delivery, service impact, community engagement, partnerships, and collaborative working. It’s your chance to shine!

The winner of this prestigious award will be decided by a public vote, making it a true reflection of your council’s impact on your local community. So why not nominate a council today?

To win, you must demonstrate how you’ve established, maintained, and managed effective relationships with other local authorities and organisations. You’ll also need to show how you’ve ensured effective service delivery to residents, improving the quality and range of local services.

But it’s not just about what you’ve done – it’s about how you’ve engaged with your community and pushed boundaries to exceed expectations. With a 150-word supporting statement required for each criterion, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to showcase your achievements.

Anyone can nominate, including council members and the general public, so don’t hesitate to complete the nomination form today. The deadline is 28 July 2023, so take advantage of this chance to be recognised as the NALC’s Council of the Year. 

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