Conference 2023, AGM & 75th Anniversary Celebration Excellence Awards, Planning Update, BC Clerks Forums

Good morning everyone!  This morning the low cloud cover on my circuitous route to work definitely shouted Autumn even though the temperature was reading 16°. 


Here in BMKALC headquarters we are marking with purpose towards both our annual Conference, 17th October and our 75th AGM, 1st November.  There is a lot to get through and there may now be a list of lists!  Please make sure you’ve completed your booking for these important events.


Closer still is this week’s, How To Review Your Neighbourhood Plan Planning Policies – October 5th At 10am To 1pm – In-Person, we have four places left.  Given the situation with regard to Site Allocations in Buckinghamshire, I would urge you to attend as there may be an impact with regard to those making or with made Plans!

The next Buckinghamshire Parish Clerks Forums take place on the 9th and 10th of October and the Parish Liaison will be taking place on the 25th of October straight after the Highways Forum.  All making for a very busy month indeed!


Today I face the great excitement of joining a discussion on the Model Financial Regulations, I know you will all be very envious that is if you haven’t signed up to take part too.  We still are waiting for details of outstanding pay reviews, nothing yet and it isn’t the first time we will be aiming for November, thank you to Helen for sharing where the negotiations are currently sitting which may provide you with a guide as you go into budgeting mode.


Finally check the Government announcement over the weekend about a new £1billion fund for towns.

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Looking forward to speaking with you soon…

Kind regards


Mel, Helen and Lorraine

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