Conference Day! Budgeting & Financial Management, MKALC Planning Day

Dear Councils

Well this is it, Conference next Tuesday!  Exhibitors are standing by, presenters are feeling jumpy, our wonderful peer councils and youth councils are practicing calm thoughts.  We are very much looking forward to welcoming you all.  Booking is still open so if you have been procrastinating, follow the pink writing at the bottom of the page and come and join us.  We aren’t having a conference in 2024 so you’ve a long wait until 2025!

With all the focus on next Tuesday it’s hard to remember that it has also been a very busy week on the advice line, 2 BC Clerks Forums and a meeting with fellow county officers looking at how we equip train and support current and future County Officers.  Questions for this week included removal of contaminants from land, gifts to the Church, electors calling a meeting of the parish, managing grievances. 

Coming up, look out for the Budgeting & Financial Management – October 24th – 10am To 1pm – In-Person; BC Highways Stakeholder Conference October 25th – In Person; BC Parish Liaison Meeting October 25th – In Person, 6.30pm. This week I’ll be attending the County Officers Meeting and meeting with our Management Board.  Lorraine will be keeping us on track towards the AGM and Helen has an eye on a new Knowledge Bite for us.  Please note the postponement of the BC Planning Forum, however the MKALC Planning Day takes place  on the 22nd November at the Oldbrook Centre and thereafter Planning Demystified – November 21st and 22nd At 10am – 3pm – In-Person with Alastair Nicholson making his final appearances for us.  Keep an eye on our website and Lorraine’s emails for information on all our events.

Our next giant milestone will be in celebrating 75 years of BMKALC at our Annual General Meeting on the 1st November 2023, so far booking is sluggish at best.  I urge you to whip around your Council’s and get yourselves booked in.  Two representatives from each council, one may be an officer, but the officers may not vote on the agenda items, only one vote per council.  You will be voting on key items governing what I get up to next year, confirming your representatives on the Executive Board and agreeing the subscription rate for next year.  That’s the hard work, you then get to toast the future and enjoy a celebratory glass of fizz and cream tea with your peers.  We are still accepting nominations from member councils for the 75th Excellence Awards,  but move fast, the nominations close on Monday afternoon 16 October 2023.

We look forward to speaking with you next week, but be warned the answering machines will be deployed on Tuesday.  Enjoy your weekends….

Kind regards


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