A View from Our Window w/e 4 November 2022

Autumn has us firmly in its grip now and the remaining leaves are releasing theirs.  Bonfires and fireworks may be on the minds of our parishioners and if you have events planned, I hope the weather will be kind and enjoyment absolute.

At BMKALC we are now throwing our efforts at our AGM.  Well, its really your AGM.  The agenda and I hope Annual Report will be sent out on Monday, the delay due to the finalisation of our accounts.  We will be considering representation to the Executive Board as well as the subscription levels and budget for next year, it is important to have your say.  You will also be treated to a closing presentation by Becky Walsh, personal development themed comedian, intuitive catalyst, speaker, author and communication specialist.

In her talk, Becky Walsh will dive into human psychology, neuroscience and power dynamics. We will discuss what triggers people to behave from the worst of themselves. Why are some of these behaviours so prevalent in councils and how we can look after ourselves to be the best of ourselves.  Becky Walsh uses her unique blend of humour to tackle some of life’s difficult challenges whilst being thought-provoking and educating. 

I hope you will be able to join us in person, but if that is too much of a challenge and you saw enough of us at Conference,😊, you’ll also be able to join us on Teams, the links will be published on the Agenda.  Remember only one councillor from your council may vote so make sure you are clear who that is, and because we need to know who will be there or not, PLEASE REGISTER!  There’s no charge, and it will make our lives very much easier, thank you!  AGM November 16th at 6.30pm – Hybrid Meeting –  Registration is now open here

On a business front, the new NJC pay scales were agreed and Helen has written to you all, queries relating to tied accommodation, minimum wages and the role of Ward Councillors within Parish Councils, amongst others, have all occupied our time.  Bucks Council have started writing to Councils with existing devolved service agreements to offer a further 12 month extension, we have requested clarity as to the financial arrangements.  We have received a preview edition of the new Charles Arnold Baker, and anticipate the balance of our order to arrive soon, we’ll then be able to arrange delivery/collection.  We are delighted to see that the Public Works Loan Board log jam seems to be releasing, as one of our members had their loan approved so that they can embark on exciting new project.   We are even more excited to see Jo Murray from Little Marlow PC complete her CiLCA portfolio and qualify.  Well done Jo!  I shall be setting the dates for CiLCA 2023 soon, so if you are considering joining these elite ranks, please give us a call to discuss!

Looking forwards, training next week includes addressing conflict between employers and members on the 8th, allotment training on the 10th, transparency and publication on the 15th.  I’m also hoping to schedule a Clerks Coffee and Connections in Aylesbury on the 13th December 2pm till 5pm and in MK on the 15th December 2pm till 5pm.  Further details to follow!

Apart from that we wish Lorraine a very happy break from BMKALC as she recovers from both the successful launch of our website and our conference.  Helen and I will be around to keep the wheels turning and look forward to speaking to you soon.

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