Civility & Respect Project – Training

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has published the Civility and Respect Project’s training programme.

The project has developed a bespoke range of training courses to enhance the skills of councillors and help them to create a better understanding of how to handle situations where bullying and harassment may happen and equip them with the necessary tools to feel confident in tackling poor behaviour. The project engaged industry-leading training consultants to design the programme.

The programme includes training on:

  • Resilience and Emotional Intelligence — What it means in practice for clerks and council officers
  • Leadership in Challenging Situations — Dealing with challenging situations and working with others effectively
  • Respectful Social Media — How to deal with attacks and negative engagement
  • Civility and respect — Uncovering the issues for the public sector
  • What makes people become challenging?
  • Personal resilience and self-protection
  • Understanding psychopathic and narcissistic behaviour
  • Code of Conduct

NALC and county associations are committed to working together to promote civility and respect in public life, good governance, positive debate and supporting the well-being of councillors, professional officers and staff.

Find out more about the training programme

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