A view from our window

Dear Clerks and Councillors


The view is from multiple windows this week as your BMKALC team scattered to the coolest parts of their home offices in order to avoid the oven like temperatures at Judges Lodgings. 

The team have been pushing forward with our Conference 2022, booking is now open and I have a challenge for you.  I am looking for Councils who have actively made a difference. 

  • I need 2 councils who have done something specifically targeted at Climate Impact with a budget of £500, 
  • I need 2 more councils who have spent around £2000 and
  • finally two councils who may have spent up to £50 000. 

We want to demonstrate what we can do, not just what we should do, and we recognise sometimes we need established projects to get us going.  You can do that by outlining your projects to me.  You’ll be given a space at our Positive Community Action Area to talk about your projects, you can submit a five-minute video or a presentation about your project, and you can bring fellow officers along on the day to man the fort whilst you are in soaking up information from our speakers.  For more information, please contact Mel I’m hoping that we are going to be blown away with some really inventive actions.

Our next To Do item will be the BMKALC AGM scheduled for the 16th of November, more details to follow.  Countess Howe will open the AGM and I am hopeful of a representative from either the SLCC or NALC to present the Civility and Respect project.

From MK In early 2020 MKC introduced a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to allow the anti-social behaviour associated with Car Cruising, including street racing, to be more effectively controlled.  This expires in Jan 2023 and your comments are invited by 31st August 2022.  Email PSPO@milton-keynes.gov.uk quoting ‘consultation feedback’ in the subject header. You can also respond by post to: Community Safety Team, Milton Keynes Council, Civic, 1 Saxon Gate East, Milton Keynes MK9 3EJ

From BC – Five parks in Buckinghamshire have been awarded prestigious Green Flags, reflecting their status as some of the best parks in the country.  The five parks are Bedgrove Park, Vale Park, both in Aylesbury, Heartlands Park, Buckingham, Higginson Park, Marlow, Hughenden Park, High Wycombe.  Perhaps this glorious weather might tempt you out but don’t forget the water, the hat and the sunscreen.

News from the NALC County Association Meeting this week, includes updates on Civility and Respect, a call for updated publications – we all miss Local Councils Explained, complaints procedures for Associations and a reminder that if you have any level of Quality Council Aware you can ask BHIB for a discount on your next insurance quote.  On a more general note NALC confirmed that they do not respond to complaints or queries from the public or members of councils as to the conduct of Councils or the Association.  Callers are referred back to their Councils or Association. 

Finally, vacancies.  There are vacancies for Officers around our area, some full and some part time please take a look if you are looking for a further challenge and point promising candidates to the website please.  Whilst we don’t advertise Councillor vacancies, we know that there are a number of councils scrabbling for candidates, we are looking at running information sessions on a road show format for interested parties in the future. 

Kind regards

Mel, Helen and Lorraine.

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