Free January, Member Support Services and your Feedback!

Well done, you’re through your first full week back at work in 2023.  Hopefully your snorkel is getting a bit of respite as the rain seems to momentarily have dried up.  Yesterday bombing around Buckinghamshire with a satnav apparently set to adventure mode, I determined that water can indeed run uphill as I encountered flooded roads apparently at the top of hills, remarkable!

It’s been a busy week, with Free January well underway, plenty of post-Christmas enquiries and prepping ahead for our Executive Board meetings.  Questions this week have included, grants for maintenance of burial grounds, holiday entitlement and pay, reviews of clerks pay and conditions and councils in financial hardship.  As always a full and varied bag!

Our area for requesting member services is now active on our website.  Should you wish to receive a free initial consultation from our partners, at Wellers Hedley, PD Solutions and Mike Deegan Project Management & Procurement, plus Clear Utility Support and a discounted rate from Breakthrough, please go directly to our website to book.  This feature is designed to prevent me from forgetting you and allow us to make sure we follow up all requests!  In order to make it work I shall need as much information as you are able to supply.  A simple heading will not be sufficient.  Please put this under  Description of Advice required.

Feedback on our courses and events is really helpful to us and we do review what you say, accommodating improvements whenever it is practical and within our power to do us.  So two pleas,  do let us have your feedback following our Conference last year,  remember there’s a prize draw for those who do and please let us know what you think about our Free January courses too.

MKCC’s Exacom is now live and can be accessed via a link on the Council’s Planning Obligations webpage at:

Two updates are attached to this email for you.  Firstly, Clear Utility Solutions, secondly I’ve included the latest local government bulletin for you, not the most exciting read but there is something on licensing provision around the Coronation.

Dates for your diary BC Parish Liaison Forum is now on the 1st March at 18:30 and BC Planning Liaison is on the 31st of January at 13:00. Next Week we look forward to Councillor, Microsoft 365, General Power of Competence, Community Support Experience, Community Enrichment  and finally our last in a series of Finance trainings. Phew, I’m hoping to find a moment to celebrate my birthday in amidst all of this!

Have a brilliant weekend and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Kind regards,


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