How Diverse communities engage with the countryside

Dear Members and Colleagues

I’m back, having enjoyed a long awaited break away from it all, I have been thoroughly spoiled, fed three times a day alongside a cocktail in the evening, lots of swims and plenty of time to catch up on reading.  I turned all my notifications off and read about the role of geography in defining our politics and strategic ambitions.  I heartily recommend Tim Marshall’s Politics of Geography.  

During my absence Lorraine has kept up with all the work coming through the BALC mailbox so there are just 250 or so emails lurking in Mel@ that require my attention.  Thank you for your patience and to those who provided Lorraine with valuable support, it is very much appreciated.  I’m spending today bringing myself up to speed on those emails and then will be fully back at my desk on Tuesday, the 2nd of April.  

I’m not in a position yet to bring you our highlights of the last week, so let me instead share an interesting report published last week by the Chilterns Conservation Board.  I’m sharing this with all our members as we have parishes throughout the membership with diverse communities and green spaces.  Following my trawl of my inbox I may find other treasures to share or reminders to send, so expect another email from me on Tuesday!  

Lorraine and I wish you all a happy and relaxed long weekend with family and friends and we shall look forward to speaking and hearing from you next week.

Kind regards

Mel and Lorraine

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