Annual Subscription invoices and key benefits of your membership

Dear Colleagues

Welcome to the end of the soggiest financial year in a while apparently,  I hope all is going well as you gather all your financial queries into one place and receive the right answers to them all.  

The annual subscription invoices for BMKALC and NALC’s affiliation fees have now been sent out.  Please check them carefully, and let me know if you have any queries.  In summary the combined fees are 21p per elector per annum.  This funds the services of the National Association as well as your local association, BMKALC.  Our sector does not receive any central government funding so all our services are funded through your fees, training income and a grant from each of our principal authorities.  

We continue to provide excellent value for 21p and it is worthwhile summarising the key benefits of your membership,

15 minutes free consultation with industry experts on core areas such as,



VAT and Financial Matters


Legal Support

Utility Broker

Data Protection

We are in the process of introducing H&S support.  

The development and delivery of new and interesting training opportunities for Councils across a variety of platforms and times, whilst reviewing and delivering core skills training to both councillors and officers is a constant thread throughout our year.  This year we are running sponsored seminars on key subjects and are busy developing next years conference around the theme of place making.  

Close engagement with Monitoring Officers to reach constructive resolution to issues which may arise in the bustle of local government life is essential and we constantly monitor our inbox to see what the predominant issues are and whether or not a lack of understanding might be the root of the issue. 

Locally we work with you in holding our principal authorities to account and campaigning on your core issues and concerns.  This can be slow and frustrating at times and we don’t win all the battles, we do our best to ensure your calm and factual voices are heard and should not be ignored and will continue to do so.

Together with NALC we lobby at regional and national levels for changes that will be benefit our sector.  The supply of templates and Legal Topic Notes from NALC underpin many of your policies and protocols, without which we would all need to  struggle independently through primary legislation to ensure compliance.  Once a fortnight all County Officers come together to share information, education and practical advice and this is a great forum to find out what is happening in other area, sometimes identifying best practice, sometimes ammunition!  The most recent answers helped me in discussing how library services could be delegated to local councils.

I hope the information above will be a useful reminder to your councils as to the core services offered.  We do so much more and are always pleased to come out and meet you.  

That’s all for this week, and, dare I say it, almost looking forward to a normal working week next week!  Have a great weekend and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Kind regards Mel and Lorraine

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