Website Members Area Updates! Members Benefits, FAQ’s, GPN’s, Templates & Elections Toolkit plus media resources and newly launched Internal Auditors Register. BC Street Trade Licences, Parish Liaison and more

Dear Colleagues

You may not have noticed but Lorraine has been extremely industrious and, amongst some very impressive juggling and balancing, has also been reviewing and polishing areas of our website.  This is just the front end of the engine that feeds me with details about our courses and their uptake and how we use our member services.

I encourage you to take a look at our updated members area, where you will have access to our Good Practice Notes, extra templates and all the member support services that are offered as part of your membership of BMKALC.  You’ll also find our amazing Elections Toolkit developed in conjunction with Gloucestershire ALC and our electoral services teams at MKCC and BC.

For queries that require one of our specialists, we ask that you fill out the support form, it still runs past me and if we can’t supply you with the answer we forward it on to the right specialist for you.  Unless otherwise indicated on the website, the first 15 minutes of specialist attention is free to you – we pick up the cost of that from your membership fees – and thereafter you should be charged directly at an agreed and reduced rate.  We’ll be adding NALC to this area too as they have just updated their procedures for accessing the Legal Team.  

We’ve also been busy on the Locum Service and the Internal Auditor service and if you are in a position to provide those services, please take a look at the website and then contact Lorraine.

This is obviously an ongoing review and improvement exercise, we are justifiably proud of the work to date and acknowledge further that we’ll never be finished! 

Yesterday we had delegates gathered along with their lunches for a lunchtime knowledge covering the annual meetings which councils must hold.  No matter how many times you do it, there is always an element of double checking and so it’s great to come together and review the different meetings and rules pertaining to them.

Next week promises to be back breaking!  I meet with our Management Committee, then with the SLCC and BC to discuss Street Trade Licences, MKCC Legal, the BC Parish Focus group, NALC on Wednesday together with The Planning Framework training and round up my working week meeting our potential candidates for CiLCA 2024!  The week after promises to be even more exciting with BC Clerks Forum x2, BC Parish Liaison and and BMKALC Executive Board.  Fridays should be for lying down in a dark room, but it’s year end for us too and there’s always work to be done!

Have a great weekend and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Kind Regards

Mel & Lorraine

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