Infrastructure Levy Call For Evidence, Membership Applications & More

Dear Colleagues

Apologies for the lack of a “View” last week.  Still, with you all getting ready for your Annual Meetings I doubt you noticed how quiet I’d been.

You should all have received your invoices for the new year and can I remind you to complete the Membership Application – BMKALC ( which will ensure we have the latest information in our contact database.  You would be surprised to know we are not at the top of the priority list when contact details change!

I’ve attached April HR Update from PD Solutions with Chris’s observations on policies around employment matters.

Don’t forget the call for evidence by NALC on the infrastructure ley.

Buckinghamshire Culture Open Weekend is back for its third year, and is inviting cultural organisations, community groups and creatives to be a part of it and submit their events. Submissions can be made from Tuesday 11 April.  Submissions for events/activities can be made from Tuesday 11 April to Monday 22 May, using the online form where you can also find out further information about the event, plus FAQs and criteria for the events.

Here’s one for your future diary.  Milton Keynes will host the popular European Smart City Robotics Competition for a second time in September 2023. The announcement comes after a rigorous selection process that considered several other cities across Europe before centre:mk was selected.  Organised by the European Robotics League (ERL), the annual competition challenges teams of researches and engineers that can perform a range of tasks in real-world scenarios. The competition is divided into several challenges, each focusing on a specific aspect of robotics, such as perception and navigation.

This week our Executive Board meet and on Thursday we welcome the potential CiLCA 2023 cohort to Judges Lodgings.  Given that I don’t terrify them during the introductory session, they’ll start their official qualification journey in May.  Lorraine has been compiling our 2022 – 2023 Training & Events Report which we will place on the website following it’s presentation to the Board.  I know we’ve been busy, but even I’m blown away by how much we’ve delivered during the last 12 months.  Of course we aren’t standing still and do our best to respond to the changing requirements on councils by providing you with the tools and ambition to succeed.

Anyway that’s all for now, have a brilliant week!

Kind regards

Mel, Helen and Lorraine

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