New NALC Model Financial Regulations, BC Licencing workshops, CiLCA 2024 Intake

Dear Members

Another beautiful morning to enjoy.  A good day to walk around your patch!  Usually we our scheduled inspections and tours seem to coincide with the dankest of days!

You will now have received the new NALC Model Financial Regulations as part of your NALC members benefit.  The timing has not been helpful, this view has already been expressed and will be reinforced at the next County Officer meeting.  The Regs were long overdue for a thorough overhaul, having been a casualty of patched updates over the last few years.  Since a complete re-write has taken place there is no summary of changes, other than to say it’s a whole new document.  Grab a highlighter, beverage of your choice  and strap in, there is a lot to take on board.  

Of course you don’t have to rush this process through in your May meeting, you do have the option to defer to give yourselves chance to digest it.  If you have already confirmed your existing Fin Regs, you could argue that this is a material fact which had it been available at the time and would have changed the outcome of the vote, then set aside your standing order to not revisit resolutions within 6 months, debate and resolve a revised set and then reinvoke the standing order.  

This week 20 members attended the three day procurement training hosted by BMKALC.  This Dark Art was described and revealed over the three 1 hour sessions.  We will only run this training once a year, so if in the meantime you have a challenging project on the horizon don’t forget you Members Benefit.  Remember whatever your standing orders or existing Fin Regs say, all local councils regardless of size must by law post their projects on Contract Finder for values of £25k and over exclusive of VAT or £30K and over inclusive of VAT.  I cannot emphasise this enough our standing orders cannot trump the law!  

The first BC Licencing workshops have now taken place and this week we’ll be gathering on the 14th and thereafter the 20th.  A packed diary means that I haven’t been able to attend all the workshops but will be attending part of the session on the 14th before racing back across the road for the Knowledge Bite Session.  

Next week we have a lunchtime knowledge bite on Employment Rights, New Legislation Briefing, a bespoke Council Course on Chairing Skills and our Group 1of CILCA 2024 candidates.  There are still three places left for CILCA Group 2, this year, so please contact Lorraine if you are interested.  Don’t forget to keep an eye on our website for upcoming events!

We wish you a wonderful weekend and look forward to speaking with you soon.

Kind Regards


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