Support for EDM urging Government to revisit Standards in Public Life

BMKALC urges all members to consider supporting Dr Julian Lewis, MP for New Forest East, who has tabled a NEW early day motion (EDM) calling on the Government to re-visit its response to the Committee on Standards in Public Life report on local government ethical standards, including the introduction of tougher sanctions to deal with poor behaviour in local councils.

Please contact your MP’s to campaign for their support, this can be done by individuals or the whole council.   The Society of Local Council Clerks,  have designed template letters which you can use to contact your MP on this issue. You may like to amend or personalise it with an introduction and sign off, and if appropriate the inclusion of any personal experiences will help to add context and influence.  Improving standards across councils, helps us all, whether we are Officers or Elected Members.
Click here to view the EDM.

Click here to view the template letter for clerks to MP.

Click here to view the template letter for councils to MP.

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