BC Street Licencing Consultation; NALC digital publications go digital only, BMKALC Administration Assistant

Dear Colleagues

Just don’t look out the window, it’s grey, it’s wet and I’ve had to turn the heating back on!  On the other hand the weather has offered no distraction from what has been a very busy week!

As you might reasonably expect we have been a hive of activity following the BC Street Licencing Consultation announcements.  Keith Gray and I met with Gail Hudson and Simon Gallacher and others at the start of the week, this was followed by our BC Parish Focus Group meeting with Cllr Arif Hussain and Cllr Dev Dhillon and others.  The mood is conciliatory and constructive and I hope to be bringing your news of in person workshops to gather feedback on the Consultation as well as an extension to the consultation period.  It is still imperative to respond to the consultation or write a letter with your observations following your reading of the proposed new policy and that you circulate it to traders and voluntary organisations in your parish.  The number of returns will be important!

NALC have committed to producing all it’s publications digitally in future.  All the existing NALC digital publications, including the popular The Good Councillor’s guide, will remain freely available to members.  Take a look at what is available, you might be surprised!

I was delighted to welcome a room full of potential CiLCA candidates for the CiLCA 2024 cohort.  Paula Mitford, a CiLCA 2023 member who powered through and qualified within 8 months, joined me and explained how she found the process and achieved success so quickly.  Given the interest we have received we may choose to run two cohorts this year in order to accommodate everyone.  This is subject to meeting room availability and my diary, Lorraine is looking at this and will be in touch.

Next week we have BC Clerks Liaison, BC Parish Liaison, BMKALC Executive Board and I have an appointment to meet with someone who may be able to provide a Pay to Use mediation service for our councils.  

Finally, you will have noticed that I haven’t been able to keep up my personal target of rapid response to your enquiries.  We have been a pair of hands down since November and Lorraine and I have shared the workload.  However we are now advertising for an Administrative Assistant to support us.  The candidate doesn’t need any knowledge of our sector but does need to be patient, organised and enthusiastic!  The role will be based from our office in Aylesbury and if you think this would suit someone you know please send them my way!  Full details will be on our website shortly.

We look forward to seeing many of you at one of the events next week or speaking with soon.  Enjoy your weekend.

Kind Regards

Mel and Lorraine

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