New Community Hub in Springfield to open early 2025.Expressions of interest now open for a Café operator

Campbell Park Community Council are offering a unique opportunity for a not-for-profit organisation, charity, social enterprise or community organisation to operate the Community Hub café at Campbell Park Community Council Community Hub in Springfield, Milton Keynes – due to open early 2025.

This amazing opportunity to work in partnership with Campbell Park Community Council to operate the café at the Hub, will see the operator being provided with exclusive use of a fully fitted & maintained commercial kitchen & serving counter and use of a fully furnished/decorated café seating area. There will be no rent charged for the use of these spaces & the operator will retain profits from café sales.

Campbell Park Community Council (CPCC) are developing the site of the former pub in Springfield with our new Community Hub, currently under construction. The construction is expected to be completed in January 2025, with full opening of the Hub services expected to be achieved by Easter 2025.

On completion, the Hub will be the central point of the Community Councils operation, with the building providing our new office and meeting accommodation. With the Community Hub Café open daily, being the main public focus of the building, the Hub will also provide community spaces for the delivery of a Community Larder, a variety of other activities being offered from a multi-purpose room as well as meetings and conferences being held within
the Council Chamber.

CPPC are looking for a not-for-profit organisation, charity, community organisation or social enterprise to work in partnership with us and be responsible for the running of the Community Hub Café. To reflect the value of the opportunity offered, Campbell Park Community Council are looking
for a partner to provide a quality café service that is available at least Monday-Friday, offers excellent value for money to our residents, and to also work with CPCC to support initiatives that benefit our local community.

Through this partnership CPCC are keen to explore other meaningful community benefits the partnership may bring to the local community. For example, this could be through the creation of opportunities for volunteering, training, employment, signposting, joint investment in community development and social inclusion. Profits generated from this opportunity would be required to be invested in a tangible benefit to the community.

“We are excited to offer this fantastic and unique opportunity to a not-for-profit organisation to work with us to deliver the Café facility at our new Community Hub. We are sure, by working with a likeminded organisation, we can achieve amazing things for our local community” said Brian Greenwood, Chair of Campbell Park Community Council.

Further information about the Community Hub and the Café opportunity, please visit the Campbell Park Community Council website

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