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Dear Colleagues

This week is was a great pleasure to visit Chalfont St Giles Parish Council and present their Local Council Award Scheme – Foundation Level Certificate.  A sterling job in demonstrating adherence to governance and good practice in all areas of the Council’s business.  Officers are key at Foundation level in bringing together the many elements required, but this cannot be achieved without the support of the councillors.  Success in the LCAS demonstrates a council working together towards a common goal.

In doing my research before my visit to Chalfont St Giles, I was disappointed to see how few councils from Buckinghamshire currently hold an award.  I believe many of you could, with only the most minor of tweaks, achieve at least Foundation status, so I wonder what’s holding you back?  Could it be lack of understanding around the scheme?  To help you on the way we’ll be scheduling a lunchtime knowledge bite to provide more information and a roadmap to attainment.

Chalfont St Peter would like to know if  other local Councils would be willing to provide some feedback on their experiences with solar street lighting.  They currently have 400 LED street lamps which they are considering moving over to solar lighting, but want to know if anybody has already done this and if so what there feedback is.  You can reach Debbie at clerk@chalfontstpeter-pc.gov.uk.

Adam Keppel-White is the latest mature student working on their dissertation, his research is looking at the impact of unitary council creation on parish and town councils. He is looking to measure the impact on local councils since unitary councils have been created contrasted with the changes to local councils since 2011 (the year of the Localism Act and the time of austerity).  If you would like to take part, some of us may have a lot to say about unitary councils, go to https://www.knutsfordtowncouncil.gov.uk/the-impact-of-unitary-council-creation-on-parish-and-town-councils-in-england.

I’ve included in its entirety the Local Government Bulletin for 7 June, which you may find interesting it refers to the Infrastructure Levy Consultation, Housing and EU citizen rights. Also a useful update from Chris Moses representing PD Solutions who provide our HR members benefit and finally a NALC briefing document on CIL funding.

Next week we look forward to a lunchtime Knowledge Bites – Financial Regulations – 1pm June 14th and an evening of
Risk Management – Health & Safety And Compliance – June 15th At 6.30pm – Online.  I also want to draw your attention to the Planning 2023 Seminar – July 7th At 10am To 3pm – Aylesbury – In-Person, this has had a very limited take up so far, which is surprising.  Given the commitment to paid speakers and catering we need to ensure we break even or we will need to reschedule, do take a look at the event, we have two independent planning companies and both Authorities attending.

Now I hope that all Councillors Interests have been reviewed and updated or registered as appropriate with your Electoral Services, together with the Chair’s Acceptance of Office.  If you haven’t done it yet, do it now!  Don’t forget you can also still sign up for the Employee Assistance Programme and make recommendations for the NALC Star Councils 2023 Awards.

We wish you a great weekend and look forward to speaking with you next week!

Kind regards

Mel, Helen and Lorraine

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