Parish Liaison, Clerking Connections & Conference Update

Dear Colleagues

This week we had a lunch time date with Financial Regulations, flew high with a meeting on the London Luton Expansion Plans, rejigged our major event calendar, visited MK Parish Liaison,  enjoyed a one to one orientation session with a new deputy clerk and ignited the fuse towards getting more councils onto the Local Council Quality Award Scheme.  All in all somewhat busy and diverse!

Last night, representatives from the MK area gathered at MKCC for the first in person Parish Liaison is a very long time.  It was good to see representatives old and new, representing their parishes at this event.  Recognising the obvious advantages of on-line meetings, meeting in a room to share experiences and smiles, renewing old acquaintances and finding new allies is invaluable and not yet fully embraced by Zoom or Teams.  This morning we hosted clerks from the catchment for a summery Clerks and Connections and explored the Local Council Award Scheme before discussing current pressing topics.

The London Luton expansion plans seem on the face of it to be of limited impact to the easterly part of Buckinghamshire.  On closer inspection of course the impact will be far more widespread than multiple aircraft movements and more concrete!   Together with our Executive Board member Rachael we hope to submitting our own observations  in this pre-examination phase taking into account the Noise Envelope, Aircraft timings, Mediation inclusion and the transport infrastructure for employees and support staff.  The planned expansion is to move from 18 million passenger movements to 32 million plus a new terminal building.

If you are in the BC area you will have received notice that a SWARCO machine has appeared on EBAY and has now been recovered by police,  it was purchased in Buckinghamshire County around 2014, SWARCO are based in MK, and it might be that this machine was actually purchased in MK.  If you have had a whole machine removed please let us know, even better let us know the serial number and we may be able to match it up!  I’d include a mug shot, but they all look the same, usually identified by a bright light flashing at you!

Whilst on the subject of Bucks, we were also advised that Town and Parish Survey deadline for responses to the Town and Parish Survey is now 31st July 2023. If you have queries then please don’t hesitate to contact a reminder to complete the Street Markets – Request for information, councils complete this by 23rd June 2023.  Matt Broadbent, Senior Economic Development Officer for Buckinghamshire Council at will handle any queries relating to this.  Finally for Bucks have you ever heard of Organise a Play Streets session | Buckinghamshire Council?  Take a look might be an option for a play event this summer!

In terms of housekeeping I’ve noticed a lift in the number of enquiries relating to councillor interests.  I’d urge you to take a look at Legal Topic Note 80 on the NALC website alongside your standing orders and code of conduct.  Are you consistent across your own documents and providing consistent and accurate guidance?

Next week we look forward to a Code of Conduct Knowledge Bite, Councillor Training, MK Coffee and Connections and speaking to you!  Looking further ahead we have Conference 2023 – Communities: Enrichment & Resilience October 17th book now, Lorraine is busy finalising the speakers and workshops.  This year is going to be a peer to peer event, instead of speaking at you, practitioners will be speaking with you.  We’re very excited about it and hope you will be too.  Follow the link for details.

We wish you a fabulous weekend.

Kind regards

Mel, Helen and Lorraine

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